Table Fellowship with Jesus

I was just reading a post from last week from the blog dotMagis called “A Place at the Table.” The article was a reflection on the topic of who Jesus would eat with.  Jesus was known for eating with sinners and tax collectors.  The blog asks us to consider the question of who are the sinners He would eat with today?  I would like to take this one step further.  Besides all of today’s well-known heinous sinners, Jesus would also have me at the table.  How do I feel about that?  Am I worthy? Who among us is worthy?

Upon further reflection, I have another question.  Who would I eat with?  Would I call the sinners or the saints?  The needy or the wealthy, or both.  All of us have need of acceptance, forgiveness, and friendship.  Am I willing to be at table with those “others;” are they willing to be at table with me?

When we come to the Eucharistic table we are sharing the table with others – all sorts of others.  We are the Body of Christ, receiving the Body of Christ.  We are sharing the Body of Christ with people we might not agree with, approve of, or dine with.  But, together we become the Body of Christ.

One of the hardest lessons we learn is applying this to our lives.  Just as I wrote this, someone I do not want to associate with in any way came along.  I helped him anyway.  It is something I have to learn again and again.

Picture Courtesy MorgueFile


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